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10th Annual Pewaukee Antique & Classic Boat Show & Art Fair

Posted by Lucine Spheeris on July 18, 2014 in  uncategorized
Harbor Master, Tom Sellhausen, encourages participation in the 10th Annual Pewaukee Antique & Classic Boat Show & Art Fair held August 16th on Pewaukee Lakes Lakefront Park.  Tom mentioned the event includes classic boats, classic cars, an art fair, 1900’s Big Wheel Cycles and kid’s toy boat painting!  “One of my favorite events is our closing ceremony honoring our veterans with a vintage airplane flyby, “added Sellhausen.  Sponsored by the Glacier Lakes Chapter, ACBS, the show has attracted 5000 att... read more


Posted by Lucine Spheeris on July 12, 2014 in  Crew, Brewers

Huge series this weekend with the Cards. Last series before the all star break. Don't fool yourself. All series are not the same in a 162 game season. Also, don't believe the phrase "It's a long season". There are critical moments within a season and this is one of them. Tough loss last night, but still a chance to take the series. Go Crew!!

Tad Williams Presents at Inpro Corporation, Muskego

Posted by Lucine Spheeris on July 11, 2014 in  uncategorized
Tad Williams of Coldwell Banker Elite finished his Summer Real Estate update for the associates at Inpro Corporation headquartered in Muskego.  Williams conducts several on site sessions for local companies and community groups with the goal of informing his audience about current real estate trends, practices and what they may expect when buying or selling a property.   The presentations are designed to be interactive. “I enjoy fielding questions from the audience,” added Tad, “listening to what aud... read more