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The Spirit of Giving in the New Year!

Posted by Lucine Spheeris on February 16, 2015 in  foodpantry  volunteer
The Sports Page in North Prairie has been hosting a Chili Cook Off for the past few years, which has become a fun annual event. Tad Williams and his wife Bobbie approached organizers of the event and said they would like to match the proceeds of the event and donate the funds to the Mukwonago Food Pantry.  Scott McGuire, owner of Sports Page, loved the idea and asked to split the matching funds! For $5, event goers enjoyed 15 Chili recipes thanks to the volunteer chefs who were eager to share th... read more

Training at Coldwell Banker Elite

Posted by Lucine Spheeris on February 13, 2015 in  education
We learned some great information last week at Coldwell Banker Elite including a great tool to help promote our listings! Pictured are: Ethan Niquet, Lucine Spheeris, camera shy Tom Sellhausen, Steve Kasimatis, Tad Williams, Leah Thorp and Jennie Castillo. Lauren Donofrio was our photographer!... read more

A Taste of Greece!

Posted by Lucine Spheeris on February 07, 2015 in  #GreekFoods  #weekend
Head to the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church for A Taste of Greece this weekend! Enjoy great foods including traditional favorites like Gyros, Baklava, Sagnaki, Loukomades and more!  Dance to the Greek Music then take a tour of the Historic Frank Lloyd Wright designed Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.Event Details: A Taste of Greece is held Saturday, February 7th and Sunday, February 8th from Noon to 8 p.m. at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church – James W. Pihos Cultural Center, 9400 West Congress ... read more

Help Tom Sellhausen Name the Puppy!!!

Posted by Lucine Spheeris on February 06, 2015 in  Dogs  Fun  Work/Life Balance
Tom Sellhausen brought this adorable Beagle puppy to the office for all of us at Coldwell Banker Elite to meet.  After posing for a few “selfies”, Tom disclosed that the puppy has not been named yet.  The cute puppy has been with Tom for well over about two weeks and we decided he needs help naming “no name male puppy”.   I (Lucine Spheeris) gave Tom a list of suggestions, but all were rejected.  It looks like we need help! Let us know if you have a good Beagle name suggestion by commenting... read more
We are in a waiting game with our kitchen remodel right now.  We have determined that we don't have the appropriate "vision" to be able to ensure we design a layout that makes the best use of our space after we remove the center wall, so we have hired an architect.  We are just excited to get going, and this creative process is languishing.  And, waiting for other people is like watching paint dry!  Did someone say paint?  What a novel idea!  I have found something to do to take my min... read more